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Bitumen Emulsifying Machine

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  • Type: PSRH-6、PSRH-8、PSRH-10
  • Capacity:6-10t/h
  • Power:33.02-47.79kW
  • Total mass:5000-7000kg

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Product Description

The function of emulsified bitumen

It is mainly used for road upgrading and maintenance to improve the quality of the road surface. Because hot asphalt is sticky and difficult to penetrate in permeability, while emulsified asphalt can work constructed at room temperature, the content of asphalt can be adjusted at will, and the amount of spraying can be accurately controlled, thus greatly improving the construction quality of the pavement surface.



1.The equipment could automatically mix materials, to alternately drain water, thus realizing continuous production.

With valve pneumatic (electric) control, the machine could reach reducing the labor intensity of construction and improving work efficiency.

2.The high-efficiency heat exchanger can cool the finished emulsified asphalt from high temperature to normal temperature, thereby improving the storage stability, saving the cost of water heating.  The whole process is environmental- friendly and energy-saving.

3.The thermal oil electric heating system working heated separately and can realize automatic temperature control. It is mainly used for preheating the pump before production and for heating during production. It takes the place of traditional blowtorch baking method, becomes fast, convenient, and efficient.

4.Asphalt emulsification equipment adopts PLC control system. Use variable frequency speed motor, adjust the flow of emulsion through electric valve, and control the bitumen content of emulsified bitumen more accurately.

5.All materials in contact with the emulsion are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and can be applied in the production of different types of emulsified asphalt.



Technical Parameter

CAPACITY 6t/h 8t/h 10t/h
Installed power 33.02kW 40.5kW 47.49kW
OUTLOOK SIZES 6000×2200×2200(MM) 7500×2200×2240(MM) 7800×2200×2240(MM)
TOTAL MASS OF THE WHOLE MACHINE 5000kg 6000kg 7000kg
EMULSION FINENESS Less than 5 microns accounted for more than 90%
REMAINS ON THE SCREEN (1.18MM SCREEN) Not more than 0.1% Not more than 0.1% Not more than 0.1%
TYPES OF EMULSIFIED ASPHALT 30-68% ordinary emulsified asphalt

30-68% modified emulsified asphalt (in-latex blending type),

30-50% emulsified SBS modified asphalt (except SBS modified asphalt that is not suitable for emulsification)

ADVANTAGES 1. The unit is self-contained, easy to install and move, simple and direct to operate, and has cost-effective.

2. The latex, emulsifier, acid and other materials are added to complete the emulsion formulation system

3. Automatic control of asphalt and emulsion ratio, error-free operation, multiple protection functions, real-time automatic and accurate adjustment

4. Pay attention to the details of the unit, anti-corrosion design, the emulsifier and all soap flow parts are made of stainless steel or PPR

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