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Stationary asphalt batch mix plant for sale

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Capacity: 80t/h/120t/h/160t/h/240t/h/320t/h/400 t/h

Aggregate size: 0-15 mm

Fuel:gas/ diesel/heavy oil/coal

Raw material:aggregate + mineral powder + asphalt + additive (asphalt mastic, etc)

Dust remove: Bag dusting/Pulse dusting/Water dusting

Application: used for road construction such as highways, ports, airports, national roads, water conservancy, bridges, etc.

Certification: ISO, CE, EAC certification

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Asphalt mixing plant is also called asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt concrete plant, and asphalt mixing equipment.

Asphalt batch mixing plant refers to a complete set of equipment for mass production of asphalt concrete, mainly composed of cold aggregate supply system, drying drum system, mixing building, filler storage and supply system, asphalt supply system, mixing system, asphalt mixture storage silo, Pneumatic system, filtration system, control system, environmental protection system, etc.

bitumen hot mix plant

The intermittent asphalt hot mix plant has the advantages of large output, precise proportioning, uniform mixing, stable operation, and fixed site. It is widely used in road construction such as highways, ports, airports, national roads, water conservancy, and bridges. The equipment can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, colored asphalt mixture, fully meet the different engineering needs of customers.

Batch type means that the heating and drying of the aggregate and the stirring of the mixture are forced to be carried out periodically. The equipment stirs one pot and one pot separately, and each pot is stirred for 45 seconds to 60 seconds, and the output depends on the model of the equipment.

Work flow of standard asphalt batch mixing plant

1. Filter from different cold aggregate silos to conveyor.
2. The conveyor supplies cold aggregate to the drying drum.
3. Drying drum with burner to heat cold aggregate.
4. The aggregate elevator sends the hot aggregate to the vibrating screen.
5. The vibrating screen divides the hot aggregate into different silos according to size.
6. Aggregate scale weighs hot aggregate according to correct proportions.
7. The powder scale correctly weighs the powder in the powder extractor.
8. Asphalt scale correctly weighs asphalt.
9. Send the hot aggregate and powder to the mixer for even mixing, and spray asphalt while mixing.
10. Stir evenly and send to finished product silo or transport truck.
11. The process is controlled by the control system during this process.
12. According to environmental protection requirements, a dust removal system is optional to filter exhaust gas waste.


System Introduction

1. Sieving System

Vibrating screen ·The screening system is fully sealed to prevent impurities from entering the hot aggregate;
·Independently develop screening systems to improve screening efficiency and accuracy;
·The hot aggregate bin is separated by high-strength wear-resistant plates to avoid mixing of hot aggregates;
·Optional overflow waste treatment device to avoid affecting the screening of hot aggregates;

2. Precision Metering System

Precision Metering System ·Equipped with aggregate scale, filler scale, and asphalt scale, with automatic drop compensation, overweight alarm, and locking functions;
·The asphalt measurement adopts the dynamic measurement technology of secondary replenishment, and the drop is automatically corrected to achieve the accuracy of asphalt measurement: static ± 0.20%, dynamic ± 1.0%;
·The filling material adopts a non-equidistant measuring dedicated screw conveyor, which achieves a measurement accuracy of static ± 0.20% and dynamic ± 1.0%;
·The measurement of aggregates adopts dynamic flashing technology, with automatic correction of drop, which is fast first and then slow, to achieve measurement accuracy of static ± 0.3% and dynamic ± 2.0%;

3. Stirring system

mixing tank width= ·The mixer designed and manufactured according to European standards has exceeded the standards in terms of service life, overload capacity, and other indicators.
·Two bevel gear reduction motors are independently driven, with synchronized gears for smoother operation;
·The mixing blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy materials, with a working life of over 100000 batches.
·Reasonable mixing blade layout ensures more thorough and even mixing;
·High pressure asphalt spraying pump, shorter mixing time;

4. Bitumen supply system

Bitumen supply system · Composition: asphalt tank, integrated light oil-burning and heat-conducting oil furnace (including pipeline and control cabinet), asphalt unloading tank (including screw-type asphalt pump), diesel tank.
·The asphalt tank adopts the modular concept design, which can be quickly installed and connected on site.
·High-performance thermal insulation design saves energy. All pipelines are thermally insulated with heat-conducting oil throughout the entire process. The asphalt tank is wrapped with 50mm rock wool for thermal insulation. It is equipped with ladders, platforms, inspection holes, continuous liquid level indicators and temperature displays.
· The internal serpentine tube layout is reasonable, and the heating speed is fast.

5. Electronic control system

Electronic control system ·The control components mainly use products from companies such as Schneider, Omron, and Mitsubishi;
·Using advanced foreign microcontrol technology, PLC, PC computer control equipment for operation;
·The central control room has sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, and dustproof sealing functions, and is equipped with a dual temperature cabinet air conditioning system for both cold and warm temperatures;
·All operations are centralized in one room, with automatic and semi-automatic control for easy operation;
·Fully automated with various printing modes such as synchronous tracking and historical statistical report

Technical Parameter

MODEL YL1000 YL1500 YL2000 YL3000 YL4000 YL5000
OUTPUT 80(t/h) 120(t/h) 160(t/h) 240(t/h) 320(t/h) 400(t/h)
INSTALLATION POWER 306.65kW 403.7kW 546.4kW 658kW 876kW 1155kW
COLD FEEDER 4*7.5m³ 4*9m³ 5*9m³ 6*11m³ 6*15m³ 6*20m³
DRYING DRUM 1.55*7.2












DRYING DRUM DRIVE 4×5.5kW 4×11kW 4×15kW 4×22kW 4×30kW 4×45kW
TYPE BURNER For Light oil, Hevery Light/Both/Gas
DUST REMOVAL SYSTEM First gravity+Secondary bag removing dust+Eco-friendly system removing dust separately
POLUTION EMISSION Dust Emission≤30mg, Ringelmann level 1, Noise Control Room<70dB
CONTROL SYSTEM Double machine double control system + feida remote control system
POWER BLOWER 55kW 75kW 110kW 132kW 186kW 2*132kW
FILTER AREA 420m³ 510m³ 620m³ 1080m³ 1212m³ 1600m³
HOT SILO CAPACITY 9.5m³ 14m³ 22m³ 80m³ 85m³ 110m³
MIXING CAPACITY 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg 5000kg


17m³ 28m³ 28m³ 33m³ 44m³ 55m³

PS: This is a standard reference configuration, the configuration can be adjusted according to the needs, and the actual configuration shall prevail.

How the asphalt mixing plant works?

Asphalt batch mix plant price

Yalong is a professional asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer in China. Yalong Group can provide you with various types of asphalt mixing plants for sale. If you want to know the price of hot mix asphalt plant for sale, you must provide the following information:

1. How many kinds of cold aggregates are mixed?
2. What projects are bitumen hot mix plant suitable for? Expressways, graded roads, airports and other projects
3. How many asphalt tanks do you need?
4. How many tons of asphalt material does the bitumen batching plant produce per hour?
5. What fuel will the bitumen mixing plant use? Natural Gas, Diesel or Coal?
6. What are the local requirements for environmental protection? Configure the environmental protection system according to the requirements.

bitumen mixing plant

After we get this information, we can recommend the suitable asphalt hot mix plant to you and send you the accurate asphalt mixing plant price.

Delivery of bitumen batch mix plant

With first-class products and high-quality services, Yalong has won the trust and support of customers and has become a leader in the industry. Over 70 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, the asphalt mixing plants manufactured by Yalong have been exported to different countries.

asphalt plant delivery-1 asphalt plant delivery-2
asphalt plant delivery-3 asphalt plant delivery-4


Business services

Yalong Equipment always adheres to the integrity service concept of “lifelong tracking service, surpassing user wishes”. While providing customers with high-quality products, we strive to create a distinctive service brand for Yalong; Various services far exceed the requirements of peers and serve users wholeheartedly.

☆ 7 × 24-hour service
☆ Provide free industry consultation
☆ Recommended equipment configuration plan
☆ Site planning and construction
☆ Equipment installation and debugging
☆ Provide free technical training and support for on-site operation and maintenance personnel
☆ Zero profit supply of equipment accessories

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