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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

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Capacity: 40 t/h, 60 t/h, 80 t/h, 120 t/h

Total Power(kw):50-140

Fuel:gas/ diesel/heavy oil/coal

Discharge Temperature: 120-160℃

Raw material:aggregate, asphalt, mineral power, asphalt mastic, etc

Application: country road or township road construction

Professional Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturers and Supplier

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Asphalt drum mix plant is a continuous asphalt mixing plant without a mixer. It completes all processes in a continuous manner. The heating of aggregates, mixing of asphalt and filling materials are completed in a drum. Then load the prepared hot mixed asphalt into the silo or waiting truck.

Asphalt drum mix plant mainly composed of cold aggregate supply system, drying drum system, filler storage and supply system, asphalt supply system, asphalt mixture storage silo, Pneumatic system, filtration system, control system, environmental protection system, etc.

The hot mix asphalt produced by the asphalt drum plant is used for laying roads, rural roads, runways, and streets. It is a widely used and sturdy material with characteristics that extend its service life.


Standard asphalt mixing plant workflow

1. Filter from different cold aggregate silos to conveyors.
2. The conveyor supplies cold aggregates to the drying drum.
3. Drying drum with burner for heating cold aggregates.
4. Transport the asphalt and filler to a drying drum for mixing.
5. Transport the hot mix asphalt mixture to the finished product warehouse or truck.
6. Continuously repeat the operation without interruption.

Technical Parameter

MODEL CA40 CA60 CA80 CA120
OUTPUT 40-50t/h 60-70t/h 80-90t/h 100-120t/h
VOLUME OF COLD FEEDER 3×4.5m³ 4×7m³ 4×7m³ 4×7m³
DRYING CYLINDER SIZE: DIAMETER X LENGTH 1.2m×5.2m 1.5m×6.5m 1.5m×7.5m 1.65m×8.5m
DRIVING POWER OF DRYING DRUM 2×7.5kW 4×7.5kW 4×11kW 4×15kW
TYPE BURNER Natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, pulverized coal
POWER BLOWER 7.5kW 30kW 30kW 45kW
ASPHALT SYSTEM CONFIGURATION Tank type: horizontal direct heat tank, quantity: according to customer demand
FINISHED PRODUCT TANK 2.5㎡ 4.2㎡ 4.2㎡ 4.2㎡
UNLOADING HEIGHT 2.8m 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m

PS: This is a standard reference configuration, the configuration can be adjusted according to the needs, and the actual configuration shall prevail.


Bitumen hot mix plant price

Yalong is a professional asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers in China. Yalong Group can provide you with various types of asphalt mixing plants for sale. If you want to know the price of hot mix asphalt plant for sale, you must provide the following information:

1. How many kinds of cold aggregates are mixed?
2. What projects are bitumen hot mix plant suitable for? Expressways, graded roads, airports and other projects
3. How many asphalt tanks do you need?
4. How many tons of asphalt material does the bitumen batching plant produce per hour?
5. What fuel will the bitumen mixing plant use? Natural Gas, Diesel or Coal?
6. What are the local requirements for environmental protection? Configure the environmental protection system according to the requirements.


Difference between drum and batch in asphalt plant

·The price of asphalt plant drum is cheaper.

·Asphalt drum mix plant is easy to install.

·Asphalt drum mix plant is for continuous mixing, but asphalt batch mix plant is for forced batch mixing.

·Asphalt drum plant doesn’t have a mixer, and heating and asphalt mixing are achieved in the drying drum.


Delivery of asphalt drum mix plant

With first-class products and high-quality services, Yalong has won the trust and support of customers and has become a leader in the industry. Over 70 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, the asphalt mixing plants manufactured by Yalong have been exported to different countries.

Business services

Yalong Equipment always adheres to the integrity service concept of “lifelong tracking service, surpassing user wishes”. While providing customers with high-quality products, we strive to create a distinctive service brand for Yalong; Various services far exceed the requirements of peers and serve users wholeheartedly.

☆ 7 × 24-hour service
☆ Provide free industry consultation
☆ Recommended equipment configuration plan
☆ Site planning and construction
☆ Equipment installation and debugging
☆ Provide free technical training and support for on-site operation and maintenance personnel
☆ Zero profit supply of equipment accessories

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