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Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

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Capacity: 80 t/h,120 t/h

Vibrating screen:4-5 layer

Rated mixing capacity: 1000-1500 kg

Fuel: Diesel, heavy oil, gas, pulverized coal

Dust remove: Bag dusting/Pulse dusting/Water dusting

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Asphalt concrete mixing plants can be divided into: mobile, semi-fixed and fixed according to the transportation mode (migration mode).

Mobile asphalt mixing plants include two types: drum type and intermittent type. We produce intermittent mobile asphalt mixing plants.

Mobile asphalt mixing plant is a device that mixes aggregate, asphalt and filler powder in the correct proportion to produce asphalt mixture. Compared with fixed asphalt mixing plants, its advantages are rapid disassembly, assembly and relocation, making it suitable for short-term small and medium-sized engineering projects.

mobile asphalt mixing plant

The mobile asphalt forced mixing plant consists of: cold aggregate supply system, drying system, mixing building, control system, and walking system. Compared with the fixed asphalt mixing plant, a walking system is added, making it easy to disassemble and assemble and quickly transition.

The mobile asphalt forced mixing station uses a forced mixer, which has the characteristics of batch mixing, precise screening, and accurate weighing, so that cold aggregate, asphalt, and fillers can be mixed evenly and fully to produce high-quality asphalt mixture.

Application Scope of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant
1. County and township highway construction
Due to its widespread use in asphalt driveway repair, mobile asphalt equipment China is widely used in asphalt production for urban or rural road construction.

low grade road construction
Its silo and drum mixer are set on a wheeled chassis for transfer between different construction sites. This feature makes it very suitable for low-grade road asphalt paving or repair construction.

Other construction projects
Since our mobile asphalt  plant is so convenient to use, it can be applied to other types of construction work.

Main Feature

1. The structure design of the mobile asphalt mixing plant has high mobility, small footprint, convenient transportation and less downtime.
2. The AVIC brand aviation plug is adopted, which is convenient to connect and quick to disassemble and assemble.
3. The production process is simple and convenient, and the control system is accurate, reliable and stable.
4. Fast moving speed and cost saving.
5. Fully automatic control of drying, weighing, mixing and discharging systems.
6. Each unit is separated from each other, and each unit can be seamlessly connected.


Items  YL1000Y  YL1500Y
Plant Capacity 80t/h 120t/h
Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper capacity 4 x 6.5m3 4 x 6.5m3
Belt capacity 80t/h 140t/h
Drying System
Drying drum size 1500x6600mm 1800x8000mm
Drying capacity 80-100t/h 120-140t/h
Burner (oil) 60-600kg/h 100-1000kg/h
Fuel consumption (oil) 6-7kg/t 6-7kg/t
Mixing Tower
Screen 4 layers 4 layers
Aggregate weighing 3x1000kg 3x1500kg
Bitumen weighing 3x100kg 3x200kg
Filler weighing 3x100kg 3x200kg
Mixer capacity 1000kg 1500kg
Mixing cycle 45s 45s
Dust Collecting System
Bag house filtering 380m2 500m2
Exhaust Fan power 45kw 2x45kw
Asphalt Temperature 140-180 ℃ 140-180 ℃
Finished Asphalt Silo (Optional) 30 ton 30 ton
Total Power ≈270kw ≈390kw

PS: This is a standard reference configuration, the configuration can be adjusted according to the needs, and the actual configuration shall prevail.

Mobile asphalt plant price

Yalong is a professional asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer in China. Yalong Group can provide you with various types of asphalt mixing plants for sale. If you want to know the price of hot mix asphalt plant for sale, you must provide the following information:

1. How many kinds of cold aggregates are mixed?
2. What projects are bitumen hot mix plant suitable for? Expressways, graded roads, airports and other projects
3. How many asphalt tanks do you need?
4. How many tons of asphalt material does the bitumen batching plant produce per hour?
5. What fuel will the bitumen mixing plant use? Natural Gas, Diesel or Coal?
6. What are the local requirements for environmental protection? Configure the environmental protection system according to the requirements.

After we get this information, we can recommend the suitable asphalt hot mix plant to you and send you the accurate asphalt mixing plant price.

Delivery of asphalt mixing plant mobile

With first-class products and high-quality services, Yalong has won the trust and support of customers and has become a leader in the industry. Over 70 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, the asphalt mixing plants manufactured by Yalong have been exported to different countries.

mobile asphalt mixing plant mobile asphalt mixing plant
mobile asphalt mixing plant mobile asphalt mixing plant


Business services

Yalong Equipment always adheres to the integrity service concept of “lifelong tracking service, surpassing user wishes”. While providing customers with high-quality products, we strive to create a distinctive service brand for Yalong; Various services far exceed the requirements of peers and serve users wholeheartedly.

☆ 7 × 24-hour service
☆ Provide free industry consultation
☆ Recommended equipment configuration plan
☆ Site planning and construction
☆ Equipment installation and debugging
☆ Provide free technical training and support for on-site operation and maintenance personnel
☆ Zero profit supply of equipment accessories

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