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Eco Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Application: Mainly applied to the construction of expressway, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports etc and ideal for production of asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture.

Capacity: 160t/h,240t/h,320t/h

Certification: ISO, CE, EAC Certification

China's Asphalt Batching Plant Manufacturer

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Product Description

asphalt plant 240t/h

Asphalt batch plants ECO are the most widely used type of asphalt plant. Asphalt batch mixing means that there is a time gap between two mixed batches. Typically, the batch cycle is 40 to 45 seconds. Asphalt mixing plants produce high-quality asphalt mixtures for all grades of pavement/rehabilitation and all scales of asphalt production. In addition, they can be customized according to the special requirements of customers.
Yalong Machinery produces 40-400 tons per hour of various medium models of asphalt  plants, including environmental protection models ZR models, stationary YL…H models, mobile YL…Y models, drum CA models

Features of Asphalt Mixing Plant ECO

1. Strong capacity for overproduction
Stirring ability, strong power, high power, large capacity, high stirring efficiency
2. High measurement accuracy
Aggregate measurement: the use of large and small gate control ensures high-precision measurement of aggregates
Asphalt metering: Adopt secondary metering + frequency conversion control technology to ensure high precision of oil-to-stone ratio
3. The equipment runs stably and reliably
Purchased parts: screw machine, reducer, air compressor using international high-quality brands
Electrical components such as cylinders: imported brands are used to ensure stable operation of the equipment
4. The burner has high efficiency, does not pick oil, and the fuel consumption is below 6 kg
5. Easy to install, easy to relocate, small footprint, modular design and excellent on-site layout for easy on-site installation and relocation to reduce footprint
6. Easy to maintain and maintenance-free, mainly reflected in the easy access to maintenance points, and the maintenance-free design of components in severe working conditions, with high safety

Technical Parameter


 MODEL ZR/ZGR2000 ZR/ZGR3000 ZR/ZGR4000 ZR/ZGR5000
ORIGINAL DRYING CAPACITY AT 5% MOISTURE 160t/h 240t/h 320t/h 400t/h
RECYCLING DRYING CAPACITY AT 5% MOISTURE 80t/h 120t/h 160t/h 160t/h
ORIGINAL COLD FEEDER 5×15 6×15 6×15 6×20
RECYCLING COLD FEEDER 3×12 3×12 3×12 3×12
MAX. RECYCLING ADDITION 80% (combination) : 50% (hot addition), 30% (cold addition)
TYPE BURNER For Light oil,Hevery Light/Both/ Gas
DUST REMOVAL SYSTEM First gravity+Secondary bag removing dust+Eco-friendly system removing dust separately
POLUTION EMISSION Dust Emission≤30mg, Ringelmann level 1, Noise Control Room<70dB
CAPACITY OF MIXING TANK 3300kg 4500kg 5500kg 6600kg
VOLUME OF FINISHED PRODUCT TANK 40t/80t 50t/100t 50t/100t 60t/100t
VOLUME OF OVERFLOW/DISCARDED MATERIALS TANK 25m³/5m³ 25m³/5m³ 25m³/5m³ 25m³/5m³
CONTROL SYSTEM Automatic control system + feida remote control system


Aggregate Supply System

① Modular structure with walkways and ladders.
②The feeding speed of cold aggregate can be adjusted by frequency converter.
③ Belt conveyor with protective device, including emergency stop idler, anti-reverse idler and sidewall belt.
④ Automatic compensation system, aggregate shortage alarm device.
⑤ Each cold aggregate bin is equipped with a screen to filter oversized aggregates.
⑥ The vibrator is installed on the fine aggregate bin.


Drying System

①High-efficiency dust removal and filtration system, the drying drum is connected to the bag filter to shorten the dust filtration distance and improve the dust filtration effect.
② The drying drum is made of wear-resistant and temperature-resistant materials, which are sturdy and durable.
③The transmission device is in close contact with the drying drum.
④ The drying cylinder has a thermal insulation layer (50mm thick, rock wool) and a protective cover (stainless steel).
⑤ Transmission device includes motor with inverter, anti-vibration device and lubrication system.
⑥ The temperature sensor is installed on the outlet of the drying drum.


 Screening System

① Vibrating screen with optimized structure, high efficiency and low power consumption.
② Each vibrating table consists of two halves, which are easy to replace and maintain.


Weighing System

① The hot aggregate silo is equipped with a liquid level indicator.
② Install slag discharge pipe and overflow pipe on the stirring tower.
③ The weighing system includes a weighing sensor (loading sensor), and the signal is directly transmitted to the control computer; the weighing system has an automatic compensation function.
④ Load cell: Germany FLINTEC.


Mixing System

① The stirring arm, paddle and lining plate are all made of wear-resistant materials.
②Double shaft mixer is driven by synchronous motor, 3D mixing inside the mixer, better mixing performance.
③Bearing: Swiss SKF.
④ The walkways and ladders on the mixing tower are made of hot-dip galvanized materials.


Dust Collection System
①Two-stage dust filtration system: gravity type and bag filter.
② The gravity filter is in front of the bag filter.
③The bag filter adopts NOEMX cloth bag with thermal insulation layer (50mm, rock wool).
④ Pulse jet dust filter.


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