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ZR/ZGR integral asphalt mixture regeneration equipment

  • Classification : Asphalt mixing plant
  • Type : ZS1030
  • Application areas : Suitable for roads
  • Power : 785 kW
  • Project Address : AnHui
  • Floor area : 35m×15m×28 m


Dry plastic sand production equipment is yalong equipment according to the market demand, fully absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining domestic actual situation, on the basis of introduction of a mine rocks such as granite, limestone and tailings crushed stone as raw materials, such as both "broken and grade of plastic, sand," a variety of functions for the integration of stone processing machines. This series of equipment has the characteristics of green environmental protection, high degree of automation.

Plastic sand making equipment adopts highly intensive tower type fully enclosed arrangement, efficient system of sand and gravel plastic, optimization, powder granule shape control moisture content, grading adjustment and control, environmental protection treatment at an organic whole, not only greatly increased the production efficiency, more implementation mechanism of sand grain type, distribution, improve the indicators such as powder content, A number of technical indicators of finished materials are ahead of domestic counterparts. High-quality plastic sand making equipment with the most reasonable dry process, the greatest degree of reproduction of natural sand and stone in the formation process of natural crushing, erosion friction, natural washing and other functions, so that the performance of finished aggregate, sand and stone greatly improved. 0-40mm raw materials after reasonable and efficient processing, the output of reasonable gradation, rounded grain shape, in line with the requirements of the national standard of construction with the thickness of aggregate.

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