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Solution for Stabilized Soil

(1) process

1. Surveying site: investigate the actual situation of the site, collect the user's preliminary idea and engineering needs, then recommend the most suitable configuration for users.

2. Designing : design the most reasonable site-layout based on the user's on-site situation and comprehensive needs.

3. Optimizing solution: The expert team optimizes a best design, customizes personalized solution,to fully meets the needs of users with the best cost/ performance ratio.

(2) Background analysis

In order to meet the increasing demand of traffic volume and vehicle axle load, the overall performance of highway construction is required to be higher and higher. Using stabilized soil to strengthen the base and sub-base of the road is a very effective method to improve the overall strength, water stability and extending the service life of the road.

Yalong equipment stabilized soil plant mixing plant is an important type of road construction machinery. It has the advantages of high material grading accuracy, good mixing uniformity, material saving, and easy automatic control. It can better ensure the quality of stabilized soil materials. It is widely used in the construction of the base and sub-base of highways and urban roads.

(3) Advantages

1. It adopts modular structure design, humanized and fast "pin-mounted" design, easy to transport, install and layout. Compact structure design and high integration comes to short installation time and low transition cost.

2. The 2-setp mixing patented technology with ultra-long mixing time, make the plant meeting the requirements of the new national standard, with strong adaptability.  The main wearing parts of primary mixing and secondary mixing are of the same specification, which effectively reduces the user's operation and maintenance costs.

3.The subtractive weighing patent technology makes the powder relative content error  is ±0.38% , measuring more accurate. The interlocking control of powder and aggregate can greatly save cement under the premise of quality ensure.

4. The liner-less mixing system increases the wear resistance of the mixing drum and maximizes the service life of the main engine. It can reduce blade wear, material jamming, blade scratches and other faults, eliminating the trouble of frequent liner replacement.


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