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Turn waste into treasure and upgrade again! Yalong equipment counter-flow thermal regeneration equipment settled in Ningxia COSCO

In mid-May, the Department of Ecological Environment of Ningxia Autonomous Region organized the ecological environment departments of prefecture-level cities to evaluate the environmental credit status of 598 enterprises in the region in 2020. The evaluation adopts an annual scoring system, and the scoring results are divided into four levels of green, blue, yellow, and red cards from good to bad. Ningxia COSCO Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. was rated as an environmental credit green card enterprise with an excellent score of 0.

As a benchmark enterprise in road construction in Ningxia, Ningxia COSCO Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ningxia COSCO) has sophisticated equipment, strong technical force and rich construction experience. In the severely polluted asphalt mixing industry, how did COSCO Ningxia stand out from many enterprises and achieve zero pollution throughout the year? This starts with the equipment used by Ningxia COSCO.

Beginning in 2012, Ningxia COSCO and Yalong Equipment Co., Ltd. have successively purchased two sets of stabilized soil mixing plants. Their stable operation and strong production capacity have been highly praised by COSCO, laying a good foundation for future in-depth cooperation. In 2016, Ningxia COSCO purchased a set of Yalong Equipment ZHXB3000 integral asphalt mixture recycling plant. This equipment has successfully served a number of key projects. Both the discharge capacity and the discharge quality have satisfied users.

In 2021, with the expansion of the company's scale, Ningxia COSCO once again purchased a set of Yalong equipment ZGR320 type countercurrent heating integrated asphalt mixture recycling plant. This equipment is the latest product of Yalong Company. It has advanced technologies such as countercurrent heating and heat recovery. It is one of the few domestic manufacturers that apply countercurrent heating regeneration technology to actual production. It has been successfully applied in Ningxia, Gansu, and Jiangxi.

The counter-current heating regeneration technology is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this equipment. Early plant mixing hot recycling plant is usually completed on the basis of the original asphalt station, this transformation will be limited by the original equipment capacity, configuration, site layout and other factors. With technological progress, the integral asphalt mixture recycling plant perfectly solves these problems. The integrated design idea realizes the flexible combination of virgin material and recycled material, and the countercurrent heating and recycling technology is a further upgrade of this series of equipment.

Compared with traditional co-current heating, counter-current heating uses high-efficiency air heaters to organically fuse high-temperature gas and recycled gas (110°C), so that hot air can fully heat exchange with old asphalt materials to achieve flexible indirect heating. The heating is uniform, sufficient and without radiant heat, which can effectively prevent the overheating and aging of the recycled materials and reduce the generation of asphalt smoke. It can make the heating temperature of the used asphalt materials reach 160℃ and the exhaust gas temperature to 100℃, realizing a large proportion of the recycled materials. 100% addition.

COSCO Ningxia is located in Yinchuan City, which is known as "Scattered in the South of the Yangtze River", and has extremely stringent environmental protection requirements. Yalong equipment ZGR320 type countercurrent heating integral asphalt mixture recycling plant adopts the design concept of "green mixing plant", which effectively handles smoke, noise, asphalt smoke and other pollution. The clean and tidy production plant area makes it impossible to connect it with the traditional asphalt mixing plant.

Asphalt smoke is a toxic and harmful gas produced during the heating process of asphalt, which is extremely harmful to the environment and the human body. This set of equipment is equipped with a complete asphalt fume treatment system, which degrades asphalt fume through multi-stage treatment. The counter-current heating technology can use hot air to indirectly heat the recycled material, which greatly reduces the generation of asphalt smoke during the heating process. The whole equipment adopts a fully sealed structure to reduce noise pollution and dust spillage.

The counter-current heating technology brings higher heating efficiency. Hot air circulation heating can improve energy efficiency, reduce usage costs, truly achieve environmental protection and energy saving, and improve benefits.

Why choose Yalong to equip with countercurrent heating integrated asphalt mixture recycling plant? With the tightening of environmental protection policies across the country, green, environmental and sustainable development have become the prerequisites for enterprises to stand on. Taking Ningxia as an example, companies that have been rated as environmental protection green labels can enjoy 9 incentive policies, including priority handling of ecological environment administrative permits, recommendation to be included in the list of government procurement partners, and suggestions to banking financial institutions to provide active credit support for corporate development. Bring great convenience. I believe that every user of Yalong equipment has a deep understanding. In recent years, the green and environmentally friendly Yalong equipment has brought a lot of policy benefits to users.

Every technological innovation and product upgrade of Yalong Equipment follows the original intention: for ecological protection, use technology to create more environmentally friendly products; for the benefit of users, use innovation to bring more value to users; for industry development, use professional manufacturing to lead the industry trend. Yalong equipment will become your most correct choice!

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