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How to choose the right asphalt mixing plant?

When you decide to buy an asphalt mixing plant and start producing asphalt concrete for yourself, or for commercial sales, you must choose the style, scale, brand and budget of the asphalt mixing plant. Then the corresponding storage size, the number of cold storage bins, the type of pollution control, etc. must also be considered.

Compulsory asphalt mixing plant:

The aggregate is supplied by the elevator to the rotary drying drum that removes the moisture, and then it is sieved into several groups according to the particle size and stored in the "hot aggregate bin". After weighing, it is sent to a mixing tank and mixed with powder and hot asphalt until the required time.
Compulsory asphalt mixing plants are generally batched every 45 seconds, so a plant with a mixing tank capacity of 1500KG can produce 120 tons per hour.

The advantage of the forced asphalt mixing plant lies in the high quality of the finished asphalt mixture and no waste of aggregate. Another advantage is that it can switch the specifications of the mixture as needed.

Drum-type asphalt mixing plant:

Essentially, the drum-type asphalt mixing plant is a continuous mixing equipment, and the first two-thirds of the drying drum is dedicated to dehumidification. In the last third of the unit, the correct percentage of asphalt is injected and all the materials are thoroughly mixed.

The advantage of the drum asphalt mixing plant is to reduce the hot mixing process to the most basic requirements. By eliminating most of the steps of batch production of mixing materials, the drum asphalt mixing plant can complete its work more economically.

Since the mixing process is continuous, they will also run at higher production rates depending on the drum size. However, based on its structure and workflow, only one hybrid design can be produced at a time.

The style of asphalt mixing plant:
There are two types of asphalt plants, mobile and stationary.

Choosing between the two is fairly easy: do you need to move your mixing plant? If so, how often will it move? An indisputable rule is that the cost of a mobile asphalt mixing plant is slightly higher than its fixed brother. If you only need to move your equipment once every few years, the cost of mobile equipment may be higher than the cost of moving fixed equipment. Companies that plan to relocate their factories several times a year must purchase portable facilities. You can pay the cost difference of self-installation in about two years.

Output of Asphalt Mixing Plant:

The best decision is for a factory to adjust to the company's busiest month average. New companies without production records must analyze their markets and make decisions. If you think you can sell 3,000 tons a day 10% of the time, and 1,000 tons a day in the rest of the production season, then the equipment output must be considered from 200t/h to 400t/h.

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