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Solution for Concrete Mixing

(1) process

1. Surveying site: investigate the actual situation of the site, collect the user's preliminary idea and engineering needs, then recommend the most suitable configuration for users.

2. Designing : design the most reasonable site-layout based on the user's on-site situation and comprehensive needs.

3. Optimizing: The expert team optimizes a best design, customizes personalized solution, to fully meets the needs of users with the best cost/ performance ratio.

(2)Background analysis

As one of the indispensable original materials for urban construction, concrete plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the process of urbanization. Relying on more than 50 years of military manufacturing experience, Yalong Equipment has researched and developed concrete mixing plant with the characteristics of high measuring accuracy, energy saving, low consumption, and environmental protection. It combines cement, water, sand, stone and additives according to preset mix-ratio. The process of conveying, loading, storage, proportioning, weighing, mixing and discharging are carried out separately to produce finished concrete that meets the quality requirements. It is widely used in the construction of large infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, airports, dams, ports, and urban commercial concrete centers and other places with high demand for concrete.


1. Efficient and advanced mixing technology, makes the plant operating stably, mixing uniformly,with high concrete quality.

2. The environmentally-friendly mixing measuring layer is sealed to reduce noise and prevent dust from overflowing. Negative pressure collects dust in a centralized manner to achieve zero emission.

3. The belt conveyor is sealed, and the rainproof shed and the sand and gravel yard are semi-closed to reduce dust pollution.


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