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Solution for Asphalt Recycling materials

(1) process

1. Surveying site: investigate the actual situation of the site, collect the user's preliminary idea and engineering needs, then recommend the most suitable configuration for users.

2. Designing : design the most reasonable site-layout based on the user's on-site situation and comprehensive needs.

3. Optimizing: The expert team optimizes a best design, customizes personalized solution, to fully meets the needs of users with the best cost/ performance ratio.

4. All-in-one design comprehensive environmental protection: the all-in-one design of original, recycling and foamed asphalt warmly mixing, could choose cold or hot addition of recycling materials at will, to realize sustainable economic development of highway construction and harmonious coexistence.

(2) Background analysis

The design life of asphalt expressway pavement is 10-15 years. More than 10% of asphalt pavement in the world needs to be renovated every year, and the waste of old asphalt layer is huge.

A large amount of waste asphalt mixture from digging and milling is abandoned, which has a serious impact on the environment, and a large number of stone mining causes serious vegetation damage and loss.

Huge waste of resources and serious pollution to the environment have become the must-face and urgent problems to be solved for the road industry .RAP thermal recycling technology is widely used in developed countries in the world,  accounting for about 60% in the United States, 70% in Europe, and more than 90% in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Yalong equipment’s waste asphalt recycling solution can reduce material waste, realize the harmonious coexistence of asphalt mixing plant and the surrounding environment.

It is imperative to set up urban environmental protection asphalt mixing plant.

(3) Advantages

Yalong equipment's all-in-one asphalt mixing recycling solution, through the organic fusion of high temperature gas and recycled gas (110℃), the hot air and asphalt recycled material can be fully heat exchange, to achieve flexible indirect heated, so as to effectively reduce the aging degree of asphalt, reduce the generation of asphalt fume.

It truly realizes the full recycling of asphalt waste materials.

The proportion of recycled material can be 30-80%, making the operation more safe and reliable and suitable to more working conditions.


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