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Asphalt Foaming Device

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  • Type :WB
  • System:1.4m×0.9m×1.5m
  • Supply:13.6-27L/min
  • power: 2.2-4 kW

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Product Details

Automatic control module foaming technology with metering and multi-angle directional concentrated water injection technology are adopted to make asphalt foaming instantly and realize temperature regeneration of foam asphalt plant.

The mixture temperature is reduced by 25-30°C, the proportion of recycled material is increased, and the aging degree of asphalt is effectively reduced. At the same time reduce greenhouse gas, asphalt smoke and other harmful gas emissions, improve the construction environment; This warm mixing technology saves energy consumption compared with plant heat regeneration. We have obtained 2 invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

Invented ZL201410194461.7 Asphalt mixture warm mixing regeneration plant.

Invented ZL201410194547.X Asphalt warm mix foaming system.

The utility model ZL201420236300.5 Asphalt warm mix foaming system.

The technology meets production needs, has certain innovation and practicability, remarkable economic and social benefits, and has reached the domestic leading level in similar research. Compared with the common hot mixing process, the production of asphalt mixture with warm mixing technology can greatly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and asphalt smoke, significantly improve the construction environment, and produce good environmental and social benefits.

High Lights

  1. Invent Patent ZL201410194461.7 Asphalt warmly mixing recycling plant.

Invent Patent ZL201410194547.X Asphalt warmly mixing foaming system.

The utility model Patent ZL201420236300.5 Asphalt warmly mixing foaming system.

  1. These patents increase the addition ratio of recycling materials, reduce the aging degree of asphalt, and reduce asphalt fume emission.
  2. With small size and light weight, it could complete the installation and debugging in one day.
  3. Measuring accuracy for better foaming efficient.

Technical Parameters

OUTPUT OF ASPHALT FOAMING L/S(UNDER STANDARD  CONDITIONS) 10(2000matches) 15(3000matches) 20(4000matches)
OUTPUT OF WATER SUPPLY 13.6L/min 19L/min 27L/min
PUMP POWER 2.2kW 3kW  4kW


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