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Compactors & Asphalt Rollers Compactors & Asphalt rollers For Sale

Type:Double Drum Road Roller, Single Drum Road Roller,Tyre Roller
Operating Weight: <1t,1-8t,10-14t,16-26t
Centrifugal Force: 246/124 - 420/310kN
Rated Power: 5 - 240kW
Compaction Width: 600mm-2130mm

Application Range:
Pavement and subgrade, especially suitable for asphalt concrete pavement

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Product Introduction

Compactors & Asphalt Rollers Compactors & Asphalt rollers  -Best Price

We supply road Compactors, Asphalt Rollers: Single-Drum Rollers, Double-Drum Rollers, Bare Wheel Static Rollers, Hydraulic Vibratory Rollers, Tire Rollers, Full Hydraulic Tire Rollers, welcome to order

Technical Parameters

model Double Drum Roller Single Drum Road Roller Tire Roller
Full hydraulic dual drive

((ride type)

Full hydraulic single drive (ride type)/mechanical drive Full hydraulic/mechanical
operating mass(T) 1t-12t 8t-26t 8t-26t
travel speed(km/h) 14.7 20.64 14
rated power/model(kw) 75-125 75-125 75-125
rated speed(r/min) 4790 5680 4790




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