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Stabilized soil mixing plant


  1. Feeding machine, belt conveyor, mixing system and cement supply system all adopt modular structure, which is convenient for disassembling and assembly and convenient for plant transfer.

 2. 2-Step mixing technology with double mixing cylinders , mixing time is longer, mixer is more uniform, and the performance of finished materials is more excellent.

  3. The cement measuring system adopts the reduction measuring method with national patented technology, which makes the measuring more stable and accurate.

 4. The whole machine has a linkage function, which can automatically adjust the cement supply according to the amount of sand and gravel, and the error value is less than 0.38% to ensure the cement content.    

5. It has the function of automatic calibration and solves the technical problem of large measurement error of stone in traditional stabilized soil mixing plant.

Aggregate batching system

The belt scale adopts continuous weighing and measurement, and the motor adopts frequency converter to adjust speed, with high measurement accuracy and good stability;

The feeding hopper adopts modular design, which is convenient for transportation and installation;

Each hopper is equipped with a screen to prevent large aggregates from entering;

The silo body is equipped with a silo wall vibrator to ensure smooth feeding;

The maintenance platform is installed on one side of the hopper, which is convenient for maintenance;

It has the function of material breaking detection and alarm, and automatically starts the warehouse wall vibrator;

 Environmentally-friendly closed aggregate supply system (optional)  Three sides of the hopper of the feeding machine are fully sealed to solve the problem of dust when the loader is working.

  1. The batching scale adopts the rear drive mode of frequency conversion reducer, which is more accurate than the front drive. The natural loosening of the upper working surface of the belt reduces the influence of the belt tension on the weighing sensor, thus ensuring more stable and accurate weighing.
  2. The measuring scale adopts pressure sensor + speed sensor for accurate measurement, which can realize interlocking control with powder.
  3. The skirt belt is adopted to avoid the influence of the weighing sensor when the baffle plate is squeezed with sand and stone, so as to ensure that the data of the sensor is more real and effective, and the measurement is more accurate.

Three Difficult Problems in Design and Construction of Cement Stabilized Macadam Structure Layer by Traditional Cement Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

  1. Cement consumption is too large, resulting in increasing of cracks in cement stabilized macadam base, affecting the service life. 
  2. If the cement content is too small, the cement content of local mixture will be too small, the loading resistance and water stability will be reduced after available to traffic, and local pumping subsidence will easily occur.
  3. The traditional cement stabilized soil mixer often appears the phenomenon that the surface of coarse aggregate is dry and white, the fine aggregate is seldom bonded, and it is easy to segregate in the process of loading, unloading, transportation and paving, which comes the hidden danger of semi-rigid pavement base quality.

Seven Advantages of Mixing Tank

  1. The linerless technology greatly increases the wear resistance of the mixing cylinder body and maximizes the service life of the main machine;
  2. The stirring arm adopts an insertion type, so that the replacement is more convenient; meanwhile, the stirring section has a large flow surface, so that the yield can be increased by 10-20%;
  3.  A centralized lubricating device is adopted, so that a plurality of lubricating points are lubricated in time, and the friction heat generated by the lubricating points is taken away. It not only saves manpower, but also reduces the time of equipment maintenance.
  4.  The bearing at the shaft end of the mixing main machine is externally arranged, which not only is convenient for overhaul and maintenance, but also avoids the invasion of mud in the cylinder body, effectively protects the bearing, and greatly improves the stability and service life of the equipment;
  5. The synchronous gear structure is lubricated by fully sealed oil, which effectively improves the lubrication efficiency, reduces the noise and prolongs the service life of the synchronous gear;
  6. The access door of the mixer is equipped with a self-locking device. When maintaining or cleaning the mixing cylinder, the access door is opened to automatically cut off the power, so as to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel.
  7. Good maintenance platforms and safety facilities are designed on both sides of the mixer, which reflects the requirements of humanized operation.


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