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Dry sand making plant


Original and recycling in one single machine design

Original and recycling in one single machine design: All-in-one Design had broken through traditional technology, by placing the fully integrated recycling drum above the mixing tank, to optimize the process of adding recycling materials and reduce wearing, to put an end to the bonding of recycling materials, realizing one machine with multiple functions.

High Proportion Recycling adding Design

High proportion of recycling materials: large mixing system, gravity sliding non-bonding discharge, completely solve the problem of recycling material adhesion chute. Under the condition of not affecting the production capacity of the original asphalt mixing plant, the coarse and fine materials are added in cold and hot respectively, and 80% of the recycled materials can be added in a large proportion.

Environmental friendly 

The design concept of "mixing plant" can effectively deal with dust, noise, asphalt fume and other pollution, and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. The asphalt foaming device can realize the warm mixing of foamed asphalt, save fuel and reduce emissions

Multiple functions

It can configure different ways of adding recycled materials according to customers’ needs, which is efficient, flexible and cost-effective.

  Super production capacity: the mixing system exceeds the industry output standard, with 10% -15% capacity redundancy design, and the maximum mixing capacity of 5000 type is 5500 kg/pot. Short stirring time, 35-45s/pot; Excess design of drying, heating and dust removal.

Ultra-long service life (the mixing blade is made of wear-resistant material, and the roller wear-resistant steel plate, chute and stone scale are made of Swedish Hummer wear-resistant plate). the industry standard of a plant service life is 8-10 years, while the service life of Yalong products is 12-15 years.

It has a drying cylinder test platform, the arrangement of the frying plate is reasonably matched with the combustion flame, the heat exchange efficiency is as high as 90%, and the material curtain design and power consumption are optimized, which can save energy by 30%. Its oil consumption per ton is less than 6 kg/t, which saves 0. 7 kg/t per ton of finished material compared with other asphalt mixing equipment of the same type.

 It adopts frequency conversion cold material control technology to reduce hot aggregate overflow

Variable frequency control is adopted for air and oil of burner.

The induced draft fan also adopts variable frequency speed regulation and is provided with a silencer.


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