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Concrete mixing plant


High efficiency: adopt domestic advanced mixing technology, smooth operation, uniform mixing, high quality concrete.

Environmental protection: the mixing layer and measuring layer are sealed to reduce noise and prevent dust overflow, and the negative pressure is centralized to collect dust, with zero emission.

Sealed rainproof shed of belt conveyor and semi-closed sand and gravel yard can reduce dust pollution and overcome environmental impact.

Precision: patented technology of cement reduction measurement, interlocking control of powder and aggregate, more accurate measurement. The error value of the relative content of the powder is 0.38%, and the cement is greatly saved. (Utility model ZL201220592134.3 a cement reduction measuring device)

Energy-saving: a sewage treatment system is set up, the sewage is treated separately and sent to the main machine for recycling, and the sand and stone are separated for recycling.

Electric control system

Air switch, contactor: Siemens, Schneider optional

PLC:Mitsubishi, Siemens, Panasonic, Omron optional

Batching instrument: Naguru UNI800C,HZ950

Weight transmitter: Landau UNI800, TR700

Changland PWC module plant

Advantech and other manufacturers of analog, digitalboard cards

Agitation system

  1. SICOMA double horizontal shaft forced mixing main machine is adopted for the main mixing machine, which has strong mixing capacity, uniform and rapid mixing effect and high productivity.
  2. Good mixing effect can be completed for dry, semi-dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete.
  3. The end seal of the mixing shaft is composed of rubber seal, steel ring seal, air pressure seal and other multiple protections. The combined structure is more convenient for maintenance and replacement. Automatic centralized lubrication makes it easy to maintenance.
  4. The discharge gate of the main mixing machine is a hydraulic drove circular discharge hopper gate, which has the features of stable discharge and good sealing in working state, and can realize the arbitrary adjustment of the opening size of the discharge hopper gate to meet the requirements of different receiving equipment.
  5. Environmental Protection Performance

All powdery materials, from loading, batching, measuring, feeding to stirring and discharging, are carried out in a closed state. The mixing platform installed on the floor and the aggregate belt conveyor with fully enclosed structure greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by dust and noise. Twice independent packaging of the control room in the main building: ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the equipment operation site; Active dust removal type of main building: two special high-efficiency dust collectors are used to remove dust from the main machine and the middle bin at the same time, so as to fundamentally eliminate the dust at the main building; The belt conveyor shall be automatically washed and cleaned by the shaping belt.

6. Good maintenance performance

Each maintenance and repair part is equipped with a walkway or inspection ladder, which is intuitive and visible and has enough operating space. The main machine is equipped with two sets of devices for pump flushing and manual operation, and workers can work at the same time. Standing on the building equipment ensures that all operations can be carried out in all weathers.

7.Simple and direct operation performance

The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be automatically controlled or manually operated. The operation is simple and easy to master. Dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation of each component, and can store and print report data.


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