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What are the factors that affect the use of asphalt concrete batching plants?

There are many factors that affect the quality of the asphalt concrete plant. In addition to the asphalt concrete mixing plant equipment that needs to meet the conventional requirements, the ratio of raw materials is also very important.

At present, the existing industry standards in my country indicate that the maximum particle size of the asphalt mixture used in the upper layer of the road cannot exceed half of the thick layer, and the maximum particle size of the aggregate of the asphalt mixture in the middle cannot exceed this layer. Two-thirds of the thickness, and the maximum dimension of the structural layer cannot exceed one-third of the same layer.

It can be seen from the above regulations that if it is an asphalt layer of a certain thickness, if the particle size of the selected asphalt mixture is very large, then the construction of the asphalt concrete pavement is also very large. At this time, the ratio of raw materials should be considered If it is reasonable, it is necessary to inspect as many aggregate resources as possible. In addition, the model of asphalt concrete mixing plant is also one of the factors that need to be considered.

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