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What should be done when the parts in the asphalt mixing plant are damaged?

Asphalt mixing equipment is a device used for mass production of asphalt concrete. Due to the influence of various factors in the production and processing process, some problems will inevitably occur after a period of use. Some manufacturers have just been established in this regard. Lack of relevant processing experience may cause damage to the equipment. This article will briefly introduce the method for remediation of damaged parts in asphalt mixing equipment.

Asphalt mixing equipment encounters different problems, and their solutions are also different. For example, one of the common problems of asphalt mixing equipment is that parts are fatigued and damaged. At this time, the method that manufacturers need to do is to produce the parts. Start improving.

Asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers can improve by improving the surface finish of the parts, or they can reduce the stress concentration of the parts by using a relatively gentle section filtration. Carburizing and quenching can also be used to improve the performance of asphalt mixing equipment. , these methods can reduce the effect of fatigue damage of parts.

In addition to the fatigue damage of the parts, the asphalt mixing equipment will also encounter the situation that the parts are damaged due to friction. At this time, the manufacturer should try to choose wear-resistant materials, and at the same time, the shape of the parts of the asphalt mixing equipment should also be designed to minimize friction. possibility of occurrence.

If the equipment encounters damage to parts caused by corrosion, users can use corrosion-resistant materials such as chromium and zinc to coat the surface of metal parts, which can prevent parts from corroding.

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