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What are the maintenance steps of the belt conveyor of the large asphalt mixing plant manufacturer?

There are two main types of conveying devices in large-scale asphalt mixing plant manufacturers: belt conveyors and screw conveyors. The belt conveyor mainly transports the weighed sand, stones and other aggregates in the mixing station to the main engine of the mixing station, while the screw conveyor is to transport the cement, fly ash, mineral powder and other powdery materials in the cement silo from the cement. The bins are transported to the corresponding weighing equipment. The normal operation of the conveying equipment directly affects the productivity of the mixing plant, so how to ensure the normal operation of the conveying device requires us to carry out the necessary daily maintenance

Today, City Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces the maintenance method of the belt conveyor in the large concrete batching plant:

  1. Clean the roller bearing of the belt conveyor and refuel it once a year, clear the dirt on the roller and the belt after parking, and replace the damaged stopper;
  2. Repair and replace damaged tapes and rubber scrapers in time;
  3. Add lubricating oil or grease to the reducer, electric drum bearing and other parts of the belt conveyor in time, and replace the reducer oil once every six months;
  4. When the machine stops, remove the sticky material and accumulated material on the unloading slide, roller and idler in time, and adjust the belt cleaner to ensure that the belt is clean.

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