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The relocation and installation of asphalt mixing plant should pay attention to the structural elements

Asphalt mixing plant, usually also refers to asphalt mixing equipment, can also be called asphalt concrete mixing plant. Mainly used for mass production of asphalt concrete, it is a complete set of equipment.

Classification of Asphalt Mixing Plants

  1. According to the operation mode of asphalt mixing plant, it can be divided into intermittent asphalt mixing plant and continuous asphalt mixing plant;
  2. According to the handling method of asphalt mixing plant, it can be divided into mobile asphalt mixing plant, semi-stationary asphalt mixing plant and stationary asphalt mixing plant.

  1. Vibrating screen;
  2. Combustion system;
  3. Drying system;
  4. Hot material promotion;
  5. Dust removal system;
  6. Batching system;
  7. Hot material storage warehouse;
  8. Asphalt supply system;
  9. Powder supply system;
  10. Weighing and stirring system;
  11. Finished product silo;
  12. Control system;
  13. Other components.

Asphalt mixing plant relocation and installation parts

  1. Grading machine;
  2. Vibrating screen;
  3. Dust collector;
  4. Power distribution room;
  5. Hoist;
  6. Finished product silo;
  7. Pulverized coal burner;
  8. Powder conveyor;
  9. Dry mixing drum;
  10. Asphalt supply system;
  11. Belt feeder;
  12. Electrical control system.

In addition, during the entire transportation process of the mixing plant, attention should be paid to maintenance matters, and more should be learned. Our company recommends that the relocation of the mixing plant be directly contracted to the technical team engaged in this type of business, thereby reducing the cost of relocation.

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