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Delivery and installation of mobile asphalt mixing plant

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

Malaysia CA100 series mobile asphalt mixing plant transportation and installation scene.

Yalong Machinery is one of the world-renowned manufacturers of asphalt mixing plants.

Service is the core competitiveness of Yalong Equipment, with more than 70 years of professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturing experience, the quality is trustworthy.

CA series mobile asphalt mixing plant
Continuous agitation process for incoming and outgoing streams.
The ratio of raw materials is controlled by the adjustment of the cold material, and the mixing of the mixture is carried out continuously in the drum.
Equipment configuration mobile unit, compact structure, quick installation.
The equipment can be put into production 5-7 days after entering the site, and can be completely evacuated from the site within 2 days.

Yalong machinery professional manufacturer of asphalt mixing equipment, get a quote now, factory direct sales.

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