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Cost-saving method for large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment

For any manufacturer and businessman, profit is the most fundamental interest. If you want to increase profit, how to save costs is a difficult problem. This situation is also applicable to large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment. So how to save large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment What about cost? Let us follow the asphalt mixing plant equipment service providers to understand.

Large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment: management of raw materials

The management of raw materials, including the procurement of raw materials, transportation management and other aspects. One of the daily expenses of a mixing plant in normal operation is the procurement of raw materials. Therefore, to control costs, we must start with the management of raw materials.

First of all, it is best to find a few more suppliers for the procurement of raw materials, first to compare prices, and secondly, in case one is out of stock, the other can make up for it. Of course, considering the time and cost of transportation, it is of course preferred to choose raw material suppliers that are geographically closer to the batching plant. The daily freight expenses such as sand and gravel aggregates, cement, and fly ash are also relatively large. If the distance is close, a lot of expenses can be saved.

Large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment: mixer truck transportation management

The management of the mixer truck transportation process is actually the control of fuel costs. One of the daily expenses of the mixer truck is the fuel cost. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the loading time, transportation time, and waiting and pouring time of the mixer truck. The less time, the lower the fuel consumption naturally. From a safety point of view, you can't speed or run a red light for the purpose of saving fuel, or do not follow the road speed limit requirements, etc.

For vehicle maintenance and other matters, it is also necessary to follow the specified time node to avoid excessive wear and tear of the vehicle, resulting in a reduction in the life of the vehicle. In fact, from the perspective of the boss, the longer the service life of the production equipment, it is actually a process of saving costs, and the key is to let the equipment create more value.

Large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment: establish a sound management system

If there is no perfect management system, the entire batching plant will be inefficient in the operation process, the communication cost will be greatly increased, and the production efficiency of the entire batching plant will be reduced. Especially in the dispatching area, if there is no good communication, the transportation efficiency of the mixer truck will be greatly reduced, which not only increases the fuel cost, but also is not conducive to the management of the mixing station by the managers.

From the purchase of raw materials to the production, sales, transportation and pouring of concrete, this process must be standardized. Every matter needs to be arranged by different people to deal with it specially, and the boss does not need to do everything by himself, and he has to ask about everything. In the end, it will cause the employees below to be timid about what to do. At the same time, this will increase the management cost.

Large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment: production process control

In the production process, the most effective way to control the cost is to improve the mixing ratio technology, improve the mixing ratio of various raw materials under the condition of the concrete strength that meets the needs of the construction party, and finally achieve the purpose of saving costs.

Nowadays, energy conservation and environmental protection are increasingly advocated, and some recyclable resources must be reused. For the residue washed out of the mixer truck, the aggregate can be separated and reused, and the water can also be reused by refiltering. In this way, the cost will naturally be reduced.

The above is the cost-saving method of large-scale asphalt mixing plant equipment. In fact, it is to save from production, management, transportation, etc. If in doubt, please consult the relevant asphalt mixing plant equipment service provider.

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