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Malaysia Asphalt Mixing Plant – ZR4000

Installation time: June 2019
Location: Malaysia
Equipment: ZR4000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Malaysia ZR4000 Asphalt Mixing Plant
ZR4000 batch asphalt mixing plant is a new energy-saving product developed by our company using advanced technology at home and abroad and combining the characteristics of road construction.
The asphalt station adopts a number of advanced technologies, with advanced design, sophisticated manufacturing and easy operation, and is widely used in the construction of various high-grade asphalt concrete pavements. The asphalt mixing plant of our factory has passed the performance test of the Road Construction Machinery Testing Center of the Ministry of Transport and won the Henan Province Quality Product Award.

Main features of ZR series asphalt mixing plant:

  1. Containerized modular design: fully modular structure design, very convenient for assembly and transportation. A variety of structural styles to meet different customer needs;
  2. High efficiency and energy saving: The patented power drive structure is adopted to effectively reduce power consumption. The integrated design of drying, combustion and air volume effectively reduces the temperature of exhaust gas, maximizes energy utilization, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 10%.
  3. Environmental protection: The design concept of "mixing plant" can effectively deal with pollution such as smoke, noise and asphalt smoke, and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.
  4. Personalized design: It can be equipped with different ways of adding recycled materials according to customer needs, and can carry different additive adding devices. The device can realize the mixing of foamed asphalt warm and colored asphalt, which is flexible, efficient and economical.
    YALONGZR series asphalt mixing plant is an ideal asphalt mixing plant for maintenance engineering and road engineering.

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