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Dubai Asphalt Mixing Plant – YL3000H

Installation time: March to April 2019
Location: Dubai
Equipment: YL3000H Asphalt Mixing Plant

client needs:
The customer needs a 160TPH asphalt mixing plant, and two Ammann asphalt mixing plants are also used. The customer visited and inspected the Chinese asphalt mixing plant manufacturers for about two weeks, and finally chose Yalong Machinery YL3000H asphalt mixing plant.
After months of installation and commissioning, the asphalt plant can produce a high-quality black mix and run smoothly for the customer's project.

YL3000H asphalt mixing plant mainly includes the following main parts:

  1. Cold aggregate feeding system: five storage bins with a capacity of 9 cubic meters/each
  2. Drying drum: Drying drum size: Φ2250X9000mm, maximum capacity 180t/h 3. Oil
    Burner: Europao diesel burner
  3. Bag filter system: NOMEX BRAND, USA
    Filter bag model: XMC650 Air volume: 77000m3/h
    Wind pressure: 4500Pa Processing area: 650m2
    Filter bag: 477 pieces Wind speed: 1.5m/min
    Pneumatic system: Taiwan AIRTAC brand SI cylinder
  5. Control system: SIEMENS BRAND
  6. New type of filler and regenerated dust supply system
  7. Hot oil heating system
  8. Asphalt level indicator and temperature sensor

Yalong Machinery YL3000H series asphalt equipment is the ideal asphalt mixing plant for maintenance work and road projects. YL3000H asphalt mixing plant has been recognized by customers, and we also hope to expand our business in the Middle East.

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