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Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Brand: Yalong Machinery
Origin: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Building materials, mining, quarrying, metallurgy, highway, railway, chemical and other industries.

The continuous asphalt mixing plant is designed according to the needs of the international market and is suitable for road maintenance and small road construction projects. The dust removal system is friendly, the power consumption of the drying drum is extremely low, the modular design saves the cost of transportation and installation, and the diversified configuration can meet different investment needs.


  1. Different types of aggregate bins, 2-4 types of aggregates of different sizes can be selected. Charging belts with different speeds can control the charging capacity. Warehouse vibration motor is optional.
  2. Asphalt supply system, the asphalt tank can choose direct heating type or heat conduction oil heating type.
  3. Drying drum part: The cold aggregate is dried and heated under the action of gravity, mixed with asphalt and mineral powder. The temperature of hot mix aggregate can be controlled according to different requirements. To optimize the structure, the drying drum and the burner can be mounted on a base.
  4. The burner is suitable for light oil, heavy oil, gas, coal dust and other fuels, which is efficient and environmentally friendly. Provide customers with a variety of options and save costs for customers.
  5. The thermal elevator adopts the latest generation technology, and the hot mixing material directly enters the finished product silo through the thermal elevator. The hot mix product can be directly unloaded into the transport vehicle and transported to the work site.
  6. Dust removal system, we provide a variety of options according to different requirements, such as cyclone dust collector, water dust collector and bag filter. Our customers can choose the appropriate type according to actual needs and local environmental standards.
  7. Automatic control system, the equipment has two operation modes, automatic and manual, which can realize unconditional conversion and ensure stable operation. The operation instructions are easy to understand and save labor costs for customers.

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