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How to effectively manage the asphalt mixing plant?

Strengthen production technology management-asphalt mixing plant

In the actual operation of the asphalt mixing plant, improper operation will affect the effectiveness of the operation. Therefore, production personnel need to conduct detailed inspections of various operating procedures, including the lubrication of various parts, whether the switch handle is correct, whether the heating of the asphalt mixing plant meets the requirements, and whether the parameters are within the allowable range. Only after the inspection is completed, the asphalt mixing plant can be started. During the operation, the operator needs to be fully prepared.

Strengthen production staff management

Production personnel occupies an important position in the daily management of asphalt mixing plants. In order to ensure the normal operation and good development of asphalt mixing plants, professional management personnel are required to manage them. First of all, leaders need to clarify their responsibilities and analyze all the resource information of the asphalt mixing plant before operation. Secondly, the operator needs to understand the basic operating principles and be familiar with the operating procedures of the asphalt mixing plant. Then, other personnel need to be familiar with the management, operation and basic work process of the asphalt mixing plant. They should have a strong sense of responsibility and work enthusiasm.

 Strengthen cost management

Asphalt mixing plant requires investment in the installation process, and improper capital control will cause waste and economic losses. Therefore, the asphalt mixing plant should be effectively managed. First of all, the operator should effectively control the aggregate to reduce the loss of the mixture. In addition, in order to improve the overall economic efficiency, the operator should optimize the fuel system and select the appropriate fuel to ensure the stable operation of the asphalt mixing plant.

 Strengthen related information management

As the asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of equipment, all components have the required technical standards and application parameters. Therefore, the manager needs to do a good job of collection and management during the maintenance and repair process. In order to effectively manage the data, it is necessary to back up the data to avoid material loss or other situations. In addition, managers should categorize various types of information for reference.

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