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Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

Brand: Yalong Machinery
Origin: China
Business Type: Manufacturer
Building materials, mining, quarrying, metallurgy, highway, railway, chemical and other industries.

LB asphalt mixing plant mainly includes: cold aggregate supply system, drum dryer, combustion system, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, weighing system, mixing tower, dust removal system, filler supply system, asphalt supply system, electric control system , Finished asphalt storage box.

Dust removal system:

  1. First-level gravity dust collector + second-level bag filter;
    Second, the first-level gravity dust collector + the second-level water dust collector.

Combustion System:

  1. Oil combustion system; 2. Gas combustion system; 3. Coal combustion system; 4. Oil and gas dual-purpose combustion system.
    Finished asphalt storage silo:
  2. Integrated asphalt storage silo; 2. Separate asphalt storage tank.
  3. Modular design and integral steel base, more reasonable layout, quicker and easier disassembly-transportation-installation.
  4. Superior drying drum plate design, independent research and development of advanced combustion heating technology, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  5. Plate chain type hot aggregate and powder hoist to improve the service life of the hoist.
  6. The design of the heated aggregate silo is increased to increase the storage capacity of the heated aggregate and increase the production capacity.
  7. Using the pulse bag filter with the most advanced technology in the world, the dust emission is lower than 20mg/Nm3, which reaches the highest international environmental protection standard.
  8. Automatic/manual control system, with fault self-diagnosis program, simple and safe.
  9. Optimized design, at the same time adopts high energy conversion rate hard tooth surface reducer, high efficiency and energy saving.
  10. The core components use internationally renowned brand products, such as Siemens motors and electrical components, European Baosteel burners, Swiss METTLER TOLEDO load cells, etc., to reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of the equipment.
  11. The products have passed the EU CE certification and the Russian GOST certification, and the products fully meet the European and American market requirements for quality, energy saving, environmental protection and safety.

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