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Yalong Machinery serves Pakistan’s PKM highway construction

At 8:00 am on December 20th, Pakistan local time, witnessed by representatives of the General Contracting Department, AER (owner), supervision and other units, the Pakistan PKM Project Department (third branch) of the China Construction Seventh Engineering Group took the lead in completing the road asphalt base course test section. Paving. The smooth laying of the test section of the project is indispensable to the Yalong 4000 asphalt mixing plant, and this is not an exception. Since 2017, six sets of Yalong equipment have assisted the construction of the China Construction Overseas Pakistan Highway Project. Yalong Equipment Interpreting extraordinary with strength, with high-quality products and services, it has polished up the name card of Made in China in the construction of overseas construction projects.

Pakistan’s PKM highway project is 392 kilometers long, with a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour, and a contract value of 294.3 billion rupees (approximately US$2.89 billion). It is the largest transportation infrastructure project constructed in Pakistan and one of the key start-up projects of the “Belt and Road” initiative. one. The Chinese and Pakistani governments attach great importance to this project and list it as an "early harvest project" of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and give it a key promotion under the framework of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Joint Committee. The project is designed and constructed by China State Construction Corporation Limited. The Sukkur Multan section of Pakistan’s PKM Expressway (third bid section) implemented by China Construction Seventh Engineering Group, Pakistan’s Sukkur-Murtan Section II Expressway The third sub-project has a total length of 59km (K491+000—K550+000). The contract value of the project is USD 42507 million, or about RMB 2.74 billion, and the project duration is 36 months.

The use of Yalong's equipment in Pakistan's highway construction project is not unique. As a high-end VIP user of Yalong Company, China Construction Seventh Engineering Co., Ltd. has purchased a large number of Yalong Company's asphalt mixing plant and stabilized soil plant mixing equipment many times in recent years, and the asphalt mixing equipment purchased several times have been invested in foreign countries. This adds difficulty to the after-sales service of the product, but the difficulty has never been a roadblock for the pioneers. Take the Yalong Equipment Service Pakistan project as an example, combined with the actual work site environment temperature, site voltage, and the hardness and acidity of the sand and gravel. In addition, Yalong's Engineering Technology R&D Center has upgraded and optimized the equipment to make it perfectly suitable for construction under such harsh and harsh conditions.

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