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Good news from overseas markets frequently spread Yalong Equipment achieves rapid development through the “Belt and Road” initiative

Speaking of this year's asphalt mixing plant market, it can be described as calm. Affected by multiple factors such as national environmental protection policies and local debt, this year's asphalt mixing plant market is very similar to last year's situation. Although the growth rate has slowed down, it is still moving forward steadily.

Yalong HXB2000 asphalt mixing plant exported to a country in Southeast Asia

At the end of the year, the construction sites were closed one after another. When the hustle and bustle of the infrastructure market fell into silence, the Nanyang Yalong equipment production workshop, located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, seemed extremely busy. : On December 10th, Russia's lower-mounted 1000-type asphalt mixing plant was shipped; on the 28th, the Russian environmentally-friendly 3000-type asphalt mixing plant began to ship; on the 31st, the Egyptian 2500-type asphalt mixing plant was shipped by customers after inspection Goods...As the saying goes, you get melons when you grow melons, and you get beans when you grow beans. In the traditional off-season, how can this remote inland company win the favor of so many overseas customers? This is the rich return that Yalong Equipment has obtained from its long-term and deep development in the "Belt and Road" market.

Taking advantage of the “Belt and Road” initiative to actively expand overseas markets

Yalong Equipment is the "time-honored" and old brand in China's road construction machinery industry. This is the largest road construction machinery manufacturing group enterprise in the Central Plains with a history of nearly 50 years of military manufacturing. Follow the national "going out" strategy and participate in international project construction in Southeast Asia, Africa and other places. Years of experience in international trade have enabled Yalong Equipment to understand the "characteristics" of foreign markets. For different international markets, the company adopts different marketing strategies: areas with relatively open markets adopt brand placement models to deepen Yalong’s brand image; areas with relatively mature markets adopt a win-win cooperation model. Both methods have achieved good results effect.

The second set of HXB2000 asphalt mixing plant exported to a country in Southeast Asia is being installed

In order to better expand overseas markets, the company established an overseas marketing department and established an overseas marketing service network. The Technical R&D Center and the installation work area set up a special project team to develop a series of asphalt mixing plant products suitable for export container transportation, and a series of integrated asphalt mixture recycling equipment products.

High-quality service is famous

In March 2019, the first set of HXB2000 asphalt mixing equipment produced by Yalong Company successfully entered a country in Southeast Asia. After the equipment is installed and debugged, it has been put into production. During the production process of the equipment, the customer was pleasantly surprised to find that the output of this 2000-type asphalt mixing plant mixing pot has reached 2600 kg/pot, which is 600 kg higher than the industry standard per pot (the industry standard is 2000 kg/pot ). Not only that, but in production and use, he found that Yalong's equipment has reliable performance, simple operation, and reasonable humanized structure, which makes customers very satisfied.

Service engineers and overseas customers at the installation site praise Yalong

A good start means half the success. Under the strong recommendation of the customer, the second order sold to the country soon followed. In order to better understand the company, customers who intend to purchase the second set of equipment send technicians to the production site of the equipment for on-site experience. Through on-site inspections, they were full of praise for the performance of Yalong’s products, praised again and again for the meticulous service of the service personnel, and finalized the purchase agreement on the spot. After the contract was signed, the customer also put forward an additional requirement: that is, when the equipment is installed, a service engineer from the on-site operation is sent over to install and debug the equipment. As of the end of December, the second main mixing plant for asphalt mixing equipment sold to the country has begun to be installed and will be put into normal use soon.

"High-quality products + good service" has made Yalong equipment like a duck in the market along the "Belt and Road", and good news has spread frequently. In the past two years, Yalong has sold more than 60 sets of asphalt mixing plants to markets along the “Belt and Road”, and achieved sales in nearly 30 countries and regions around the world. In Russia, India, Pakistan and other countries along the "Belt and Road", a distribution network, service and spare parts guarantee database have been established. Through overseas marketing outlets, the equipment produced by Yalong Equipment does not need to be installed in China, and the parts can be directly transported overseas to be assembled on-site overseas. In the future, Yalong Equipment will continue to deepen the “Belt and Road” market and let more overseas users experience the elegance of Chinese national brands with better products and services.

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