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What are the advantages of the asphalt mixing plant according to the different technological processes?

Asphalt mixing plant can be divided into continuous drum type equipment and intermittent forced type equipment according to the different technological processes, that is, according to the mixing method. The advantages of each type of equipment are different.

  1. Advantages of Continuous Drum Asphalt Mixing Plants Continuous drum asphalt mixing plants use continuous and uninterrupted mixing methods for production. The processes of heating and drying aggregates and mixing mixtures are all in the same process. A continuous process in the drum.
  2. Advantages of forced batch asphalt mixing plant Mandatory batch asphalt mixing plant, this kind of equipment is the process of heating and drying the aggregate and mixing the mixture in a forced period.

This kind of equipment is to stir the materials separately in one pot and one pot, and the time for each stirring pot is 45 seconds to 60 seconds, depending on the model of the equipment.

Asphalt mixing plants have different advantages according to different mixing methods. Users who need this kind of asphalt mixing equipment must buy equipment from authentic manufacturers.

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