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The electricity consumption of concrete batching plants should be managed and standardized in a unified manner

Source: Indonesia Concrete Plant

In operation, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the circuit system, implement a standardized electricity consumption system, and reduce the occurrence of unnecessary accidents. Then, you need to do the following:

  1. Construction personnel participating in live work must be those who have passed special training and examinations, and can only engage in operation after they have made a safety statement before the operation. Conduct a safety technical examination for electrical operators on a regular basis. Those who have interrupted electrical work for more than three consecutive months must re-study the relevant electrical operating procedures, and only those who pass the examination can resume their electrical work.
  2. Safety devices, leakage protection devices or electrical safety interlocking devices and signal devices must be installed on the distribution lines on the construction site. The beginning of each branch on the distribution line must be equipped with a circuit breaker and effective short-circuit and overload protection. Distribution transformers must be fenced and kept clean and no plants are allowed.
  3. It is necessary to stop and send electricity according to the procedures. It is strictly forbidden to stop and send high-voltage electricity under the condition of load or fault load. In thunderstorm weather, it is not allowed to switch off and replace the fuse.

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