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hzs180 concrete mixing plant in South Africa

With the characteristics of green environmental protection, low consumption and high efficiency, accurate metering, and uniform mixing, Sui Yalong's high-standard green concrete batching plant stands out in key domestic projects, helping local economic development and building a happy road.

The abundance of rain in tropical regions causes a large change in the moisture content of concrete raw materials, which brings great difficulties to the accuracy of material measurement. Yalong equipment mixing plant adopts "secondary metering" technology. The system has a unique batching compensation function, adding water and reducing water, automatic deduction and balance, and accurate measurement. This technology can effectively solve the impact of environmental factors on materials.

The powder silo is equipped with a cloth bag pulse silo top dust removal device, which has good dust removal effect and high efficiency, making this modern mixing plant integrate with green mountains and green waters, and promote the common development of ecological civilization and economic construction.

The equipment adopts the self-developed intelligent control system, which can monitor the whole machine in real time and in all directions, and control the overall production situation. The mixing efficiency of the twin-shaft forced mixer is obviously better than that of the traditional mixer. It can achieve good mixing for dry-hard, semi-dry-hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete. With better mixtures, it can help the construction of happy highways!

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