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Stationary asphalt mixing plant installation site—YL2000H

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December 21, 2019 Myanmar Asphalt Mixing Plant Installation Site

YLH series environment-friendly asphalt mixing plant
Environmental protection of cold materials: the structure enclosure of the range hood, intelligent radar sensing device.
Encapsulation of the main building: the main building is fully enclosed, with a negative pressure vacuum system.
Driveway dustproof: closed driveway seal, high-speed electric rolling shutter.
Bag dust removal: high-efficiency dry powder humidifier.
Noise treatment: the vibrating screen is covered with sound-proof rock wool, the overflow pipe is covered with sound-proof rock wool, and the outlet of the fan and the outlet of the chimney are equipped with a noise reduction device.
Asphalt fume treatment: Asphalt fume adopts tertiary treatment, water spray, plasma fume removal.

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