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Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

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  • Model: WBC300 ~ WBC1000
  • Capacity: 300 t/h ~ 1000 t/h
  • Cement Silo : 50 t ~ 200 t

Yalong Machinery is a professional manufacturer to produce stabilized soil mixing plant in China. Stabilized soil mixing plant is widely used to mixing different kinds of materials according to the requirements of customers.

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Product Introduction

Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant Manufacturer – Best Price


Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant structure

The stabilized soil mixing plant is one of the road construction equipment, which is used for mixing stabilized mixtures with water rigid material. The stabilized mixture consists of lime, cement, coal ash, soil and other aggregate. The stabilized soil mixing plant blends mixtures in a continuous way, which is composed of aggregate batching machine, raw material belt conveyor, cement silo, screw conveyor, continuous mixer, finished product belt conveyor, finished product bin, control room and pneumatic system. The soil stabilized plant has the characteristics of stable performance, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, which is very suitable for producing high quality stabilized mixtures.

Product Features

MODEL WBC300 WBC400 WBC500 WBC600 WBC800 WBC1000
OUTPUT 300t/h 400t/h 500t/h 600t/h 800t/h 1000t/h
INSTALLATION POWER 110kW 117.5kW 137kW 174.5kW 212kW 265kW
VOLUME OF COLD FEEDER 4*8m³ 4*8m³ 4*10m³ 5*10m³ 5*10m³ 6*13m³
BELT WIDTH 800mm 800mm 800mm 1000mm 1000mm 1200mm
MIXING POWER 55kW 55kW 2*37kW 2*45kW 2*55kW 2*75kW
POWDER TANK 50t 50t 100t 2*100t 2*100t 2*120t
FINISHED PRODUCT TANK 8.5m³ 8.5m³ 8.5m³ 8.5m³ 15m³ 15m³
TOTAL WEIGHT 35t 35t 38t 52t 54t 78t
MEASUREMENT METHODS variable speed measurement

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