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Concrete Block Machine

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Type:hollow block making machine, paving block making machine, interlocking block making machine, curb block making machine
Core components:PLC, pressure vessel, engine, gear, motor, pump, bearing, gearbox
Molding cycle:15-20s
Vibration frequency:2800-4200 rpm

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Product Introduction

Full Automatic Brick Making Machine Concrete Block Molding Machine is the mechanical equipment for manufacturing and producing bricks. Generally, stone powder, fly ash, slag, crushed stone, sand, water, etc. are used to add cement as raw materials to produce bricks through hydraulic power, vibration power, and pneumatic power.

Full Automatic Brick Making Machine Concrete Block Molding Machine

Product Features


Automatic Concrete Block Machine Price – YALONG Machinery Manufacturer

Full Automatic Brick Making Machine Concrete Block Molding Machine for sale are small in size, easy to install, disassemble and transport and the produced bricks are free-burning and high-density. Definitely, a no-brainer if you’re planning on doing a brick making project! On the one hand, the small brick making machine mixes industrial or household wastes such as fly ash, river sand, sea sand, mountain sand, mineral powder, stone powder, cinder, etc. with cement materials such as proportion cement and lime, and by using different molds for producing various shapes of bricks. 


Technical Parameters

Automatic Concrete Block Machine Production Capacity

Block Name Size (L*W*H)mm Molding Cycle QTY/Mould QTY/hour Qty/8hr
Hollow block 400*200*200 15-20s 6pcs 1080-1440pcs 8640-11520pcs
Hollow block 400*150*200 15-20s 7pcs 1260-1680pcs 10080-13440pcs
Hollow block 400*100*200 15-20s 11pcs 1980-3640pcs 15840-21120pcs
Porous block 240*115*90 15-20s 15pcs 2700-3600pcs 21600-28800pcs
Standard brick 240*115*53 15-17s 30pcs 6300-7200pcs 50400-57600pcs
Paver 225*112.5*60 20-25s 15pcs 2160-2700pcs 17280-21600pcs

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