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Go against the trend and dare to be the first! Yalong equipment helps Shanxi build the first set of countercurrent heating integrated asphalt mixture recycling equipment

YL..H series asphalt mixing equipment

With the support of various favorable policies, the local transportation industry has made great progress. Shanxi Hengda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity, gave full play to its own advantages, increased investment in production equipment, and purchased a new set of Yalong equipment ZGR4000 type countercurrent heating integral asphalt mixture regeneration equipment, becoming the first set of countercurrent heating equipment in Shanxi Province. Heating technology for the regeneration of asphalt mixtures.


YL..H series asphalt mixing equipment

▪Super-large capacity: The mixing system with redundant design of 10%-12% capacity beyond the industry output standard.

▪Short stirring time, 30-40s/pot. Super long service life, the service life is 12-15 years.

▪Comprehensive environmental protection, fully enclosed mixing building, cold material system dust removal system, lane sealing system, overflow waste centralized storage and dust removal system, etc.

 JWBC series stepped stabilized soil mixing equipment

▪The step mixing technology can effectively prevent segregation, and the mixing efficiency is higher than the traditional cement stabilized crushed stone mixer.

▪Cement weight reduction measurement technology, the error value of the relative content of powder is 0.38%, and the measurement is more accurate.

▪It can mix 4 to 6 kinds of materials of different specifications, and can configure cement stabilized soil, lime stabilized soil, and cement to treat roadbed materials with various mixing ratios.

 HZS series cement concrete mixing equipmentquipment

▪Domestic advanced mixing technology, stable operation, uniform mixing, and high concrete quality.

▪The metering layer of the stirring layer is sealed to reduce noise and prevent dust from overflowing. Negative pressure concentrates dust collection and zero discharge.

▪The patented technology of cement weight reduction measurement, powder-aggregate interlocking control, more accurate measurement.

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