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YL3000H Asphalt Mixing Plant South Africa

  Comprehensive environmental protection

        Fully enclosed mixing building (with lighting, cooling and monitoring devices); cold material system dust removal system (independent vacuuming, dry fog and dust suppression, radar induction, dust-proof soft curtain); lane sealing system (automatic rolling shutter door, extended lane, asphalt Smoke treatment system, dry fog and dust suppression); centralized storage and dust removal system for overflow waste; frequency conversion of induced draft fan, muffler, fan muffler cover. 

High-precision measurement

      The three materials are all measured twice: stone weighing (large and small gate structure), asphalt scale (first weighing and then filling, high-pressure spraying), and the powder adopts unequal distance spiral. Asphalt measurement accuracy reaches: static ±0.25%, dynamic soil 1.0%; powder measurement accuracy: static ±0.25%, dynamic ±1.0%, new and old aggregate measurement accuracy: static soil 0.3%, dynamic ±1.5%.

Reliable and safe

    International first-class accessories (SEW, FESTO, NSK, HARDOX, SIEMENS, Schneider, Atlas copco…). Modular and stable steel structure design, the control system for 7×24 hours simulation operation and debugging adopts one-key start to ensure the stable operation of the equipment; perfect detection and alarm emergency treatment design, automatic tensioning and anti-fall anti-reverse device, safety interlock The device, motor reducer, low-voltage electrical components, pneumatic components, and bearings are all imported components with a maintenance-free structure, and an all-round automatic lubrication system ensures safe, reliable and convenient use.

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