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ZR3000 Integral Asphalt Mixing Plant in Thailand

Professional manufacturer of asphalt mixing equipment

Nowadays, more and more users choose Yalong to equip countercurrent heating integrated asphalt mixture regeneration equipment, which is a new trend in the future development of the industry. It is Yalong Equipment's original intention to create products that exceed users' wishes. We will cherish your choice and trust, and work with you to build a successful road.

The installation and commissioning engineers are busy at the construction site. Yalong equipment is individually designed according to customer needs, the production process is subject to refined management, and pre-installation and debugging are carried out before shipment, so as to ensure that the installation on site will never fire, and effectively ensure the integrity and aesthetics of the equipment.

Asphalt mixing equipment for sale

The professional team and rich experience make the installation and commissioning smooth and fast. We take every customer seriously, carefully build each plant station, and achieve "one station with one beautiful scenery, one station with one benchmark". Yalong equipment countercurrent heating integrated asphalt mixture recycling equipment has been applied in Ningxia, Gansu, Jiangxi and other places, and has become a highly influential benchmark project in various places, creating greater value for customers from the perspectives of environmental protection, technology and energy saving.

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