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What is the operating procedure of asphalt mixing plant?

  1. Inspection before startup
  2. Check whether the gear oil, air compressor oil, etc. have been filled and their leakage.
  3. Use a blowtorch to bake the asphalt measuring bucket.
  4. Check the temperature of heat transfer oil and asphalt.
  5. Check whether the screws of the main components such as the vibrating screen are loose.
  6. Ensure that all transmission belts and chains are normal and not loose.
  7. Start the mixer
  8. Be sure to ring the bell before starting to prevent anyone in the dangerous area.
  9. Turn on the main power and secondary power switches of the console, and the power of the burner console.
  10. Start in the order of induced draft fan, mixing cylinder, vibrating screen, elevator, drying cylinder, inclined belt, flat belt, frequency conversion power-on, powder elevator, screw 2, screw 1, screw 3, and air compressor (introduced The fan and the mixing cylinder are all started for the second time, and the other parts are started after they are closed for the second time).
  11. Turn on the industrial computer, and turn on the blower after it starts up (also a secondary start. The motor of the secondary start has a large current at the start, and the next unit should be started after the current drops to the normal value and the secondary pull-in is closed. , to avoid accidents).

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