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Singapore Model 1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Environmentally friendly asphalt mixing equipment

Production capacity: 160-400t/h flue gas emission: Ringelmann blackness grade

Energy efficient

    Through the drying cylinder test platform, the layout of the frying plate and the combustion flame are reasonably matched, the heat exchange efficiency is as high as 90%, and the material curtain design and power consumption optimization can save energy by 30%; The same type of asphalt concrete mixing plant produced saves 0.7kg/t per ton of finished material; the stepless frequency conversion cold material control technology reduces hot aggregate overflow. The burner air oil adopts frequency conversion control, and the induced draft fan adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and a silencer is set. Drying drum, vibrating screen, hot silo, and asphalt pipeline are equipped with thermal insulation layer to reduce heat loss.


    Ultra-large capacity: The mixing system with redundant design of 10%-12% capacity beyond the industry output standard. Short stirring time, 30-40s/pot; redundant design for drying, heating and dust removal. Ultra-long service life (the stirring blade is made of wear-resistant materials, the roller wear-resistant steel plate, the chute, and the stone material are made of Swedish Harda wear-resistant plate), and the service life is 12-15 years.

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