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Saudi Arabian Customer Ordered Two Sets Of Yalong Dust Collectors

During the New Year's Day holiday in 2022, the epidemic was raging. Saudi customers asked our company for details of dust collectors many times. The final customer ordered a set of MC24 warehouse roof dust collector and a collector of MC36 warehouse roof dust collector. The transaction was completed on January 11, 2022.

The warehouse roof dust collector produced by YALONG has the following characteristics:

  1. To meet the specific requirements of customers, formulate supporting products
  2. The bag material is resistant to high temperature corrosion and has a long service life
  3. The pulse system has good workmanship and rich production experience
  4. Rich real cases
  5. Timely and effective after-sales service
  6. Cost-effective

During the epidemic, this order also proved the old customers' favor and trust in Yalong Machinery, and also proved the experience accumulated and consolidated by our company. In the future development, we will take customers as the core, and continuously produce high-quality products to provide customers with objective economic benefits.
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