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How to choose the installation site of asphalt mixing plant?

Asphalt mixing equipment, also known as asphalt concrete mixing equipment, this equipment can produce asphalt and modified asphalt mixtures and color asphalt mixtures, fully meet, build highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports, etc. aspects of demand.

According to the geological conditions, the site selection of the asphalt mixing plant can be divided into two types - soft foundation and field.

There is generally hard soil in the field, and the general bedding at the deep level can be staked out after processing, which can be based on concrete construction; for soft foundations, after stakeout and excavation, be sure to carefully check the fullness after excavation, and then choose a different processing technology for the bottom On the basis of ground reinforcement. Generally, the vibration of plum blossom piles, pads, etc. is increased, or at the bottom of the bottom area, in order to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and prevent the hidden danger caused by cracked foundation or subsidence in the future. Production mixing plant equipment and purpose.

During the construction process of the asphalt mixing plant, industrial noise and dust are unavoidable.

We believe that while selecting the site and installing the size of the asphalt mixing plant, we must pay attention that the asphalt plant should be kept as far away as possible from the residents of the living area and farmland to avoid the noise of the mixing plant and the impact of dust pollution on the residents.

The second is to consider the asphalt mixing equipment, resources and other factors, such as electricity and water resources.

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