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How much is the second-hand asphalt concrete mixing plant?

Principle of second-hand asphalt concrete mixing plant Purchasing second-hand asphalt concrete mixing plant equipment, figuring out its principle, can assist in checking whether the equipment is in a normal state, find abnormalities, deal with them in time, and do not let yourself purchase poor quality mixing plant equipment . Asphalt concrete mixing plant equipment is the raw material that can form concrete, follow the corresponding proportion of ingredients, mix and stir according to the established process, and obtain concrete that meets the expected requirements.

Second-hand asphalt concrete mixing plant structure As people can see, although there are many styles of asphalt concrete mixing plant, their basic composition is very similar. The widely used asphalt concrete mixing plants are all intelligently controlled equipment, which are basically controlled by computers, including:

  1. Automatic material allocation;
  2. Automation improvement;
  3. Automatic stirring;
  4. Automatic discharge;
  5. Some mixing stations have functions such as statistical data and printing reports.

Although the working principles of second-hand asphalt concrete mixing plants are similar, due to different structures, different manufacturers, different use times, different preservation integrity, different sales personnel (including third-party intermediary sales agencies, non-intermediary direct sales personnel), equipment There are many factors such as different models, sizes, etc., the price of used asphalt concrete mixing plants is not the same!

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