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How Installation Oversight Works During the Pandemic

In 2020, the coronavirus epidemic swept the world. Today, when the international epidemic situation is not optimistic, in order to successfully install and debug the asphalt plant, Yalong Machinery began to use modern technology and the Internet to remotely install asphalt mixing equipment for customers for the first time.
After I got a letter from a customer saying that despite the virus, we need to start production as planned. Due to the high professionalism of installation and installation work, engineers could not go to the site to adjust the process, so Yalong Machinery set up a response team to remotely install asphalt mixing equipment.
In order for the work to be done smoothly and efficiently, technical expertise, attentive and patient engineers are required. This can be done freely. After two weeks of work, our engineers overcame the 5-hour time difference and language barriers, and the equipment went into production smoothly.
Finally, we would like to thank you for your recognition of Yalong Machinery and your trust in Yalong Machinery's service engineers.

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