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Foundation Cost and Cost Control of Asphalt Mixing Plant


As a very important link in the engineering and construction industry, the asphalt mixing plant is an industry that many investors want to invest in. In recent years, the asphalt mixing plant has continued to increase with the development of the social economy and the construction industry. Facing the foundation of the engineering project With the characteristics of high cost, low bidding price and low profit, it is very important to control the basic cost and cost of asphalt mixing plant to obtain more profits as much as possible on the premise of ensuring quality.

  1. For the basic cost of the asphalt mixing plant, it is necessary to choose cost-effective concrete mixing equipment, but you cannot choose the products of some informal small manufacturers for the sake of being cheap. The quality and after-sales of such products are very imperfect, and in the long run, it is necessary for cost control. It's actually a bad thing.
  2. Start from the source and strictly control the entry of raw materials. The control of raw materials is directly related to the quality of concrete. Strict control of the entry of raw materials must start from the source.
  3. Process supervision and profit and loss analysis. Strictly grasp every link and spare every detail. Strengthen the process control of raw materials and equipment, strictly grasp every link and spare every detail, and reduce the cost of the mixing station.
  4. Be good at summarizing and draw reasonable suggestions. The cost control of batching plants is a long-term and arduous task. Implement a management model that combines all-staff management, whole-process management, all-link management and all-round management, as well as a combination of economy and technology. Continue to strengthen and improve where there are deficiencies, seek feasible solutions, and make basic guarantees for further strengthening the refined management of mixing plants and increasing enterprise costs.


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