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hzs90 concrete mixing plant in Nigeria

Professional design team, unique patented technology, all-round solutions

The equipment can produce all levels of cement mixture, graded crushed stone, ash mixture, etc., which fully meet the needs of construction projects such as roads, municipal roads, and freight yards of all grades.

Reduction metering technology

Self-developed patented technology (patent number ZL2012 2 0592134.3)

The relative content error of powder is ±0.38%, and the measurement is more accurate.

The interlocking control of powder and aggregate can greatly save the amount of cement under the premise of ensuring quality.

The whole machine adopts a modular structure, which occupies a small area and is easy to install and arrange.

Linerless mixing system

Linerless technology increases the wear resistance of the mixing cylinder and maximizes the service life of the main engine.

It can reduce the faults of blade wear, material jam, hard blade scratches, etc., and avoid the trouble of frequent replacement of the liner

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